Media Coverage

Here's what the media has to say about some of our live performances.

Shri Paresh Naik rendered Raag Malkauns in an unsual manner emphasizing the devotional aspect of the melody.
– Times of India, Ahmedabad
The presentation of Raag Shuddha Nat by Maa Rishabh (Paresh Naik) was most immaculate, systematic and full of Shanta Rasa. Raag Hansdhwani thereafter was flooded with sparkling Taans and Sargams. "Prem Agam Anupam" in Raag Malkauns was most devotional, full of long Meends. He then rendered Raag Bhimkauns & Bhairavi Bhajan which were melodious and expressive of the Bhava of the lyrics.
– Lok Prahari (Gujarati), Navsari, Surat
Pandit Paresh Naik started Raag Abhogi in his Guruji's style and then developed it with great imagination. Abhogi was presented with full command on Swaras, Meend and saragams and the rendering was most soulful. The "Laal Gopal" Kirtan thereafter was a detailed treat with intuitional glimpses.
– Gujarat Mitra (Gujarati), Surat
Pandit Paresh Naik's rendition clearly reflected the influence of Guruji Padma Vibhushan Pandit Jasrajji's style. His unfolding of Raag Bhup was most captivating and carried a deep impact on listeners.
– Dainik Tribune (Hindi), Chandigarh
Pandit Paresh Naik's rendition of Raag Bhimpalasi and Purvi earned him great applauds from the audience.
– Aaj (Hindi), Varanasi