Om Shri Nandini Maa Vidyapith offers various courses / workshops to train budding musicians and put special emphasis on inclusive growth, be it preparing for stage performances, reality shows or becoming an independent artist. We understand that no two individuals are the same or share the same goal in the field of music - with that in mind, we offer multiple workshops / courses.


Courses / Workshops Offered

  • 5 years degree course in North Indian Classical Music (Vocal)
  • 2 years degree course in Light Music and Choir Singing (Hindi / Gujarati)
  • 3 months certificate course in Bhajans / Haveli Sangeet / Jain Stavan
  • 2 years certification course in Semi-classical
  • 6 months certificate course in Qawali / Sufi Music
  • 6 months certificate course in Folk Music (vocals)
  • Western Music - Rock & Pop, Trinity School of London, grades 1 to 8 (vocal)
  • Workshops for Harmonium & Tabla
  • NMV Gaayak Vrund (Students' group for choir stage performance)
  • Lifelong student enrollment under "Gurukul Scheme"
  • Provision for resident students also available


Live Programs / Concerts Offered

Shri Paresh Naik and Smt. Malini Naik regularly perform at various live programs and concerts under the following categories of music

  • Classical Vocal
  • Sugam Sangeet
  • Bhajans
  • Patriotic Songs
  • Children's Songs
  • Garba / Folk Music